Telescopic eyes for the people!

If only they could shoot lasers

If only they could shoot lasers

If you’re visually impaired – even to the point of being blind – you can get a mini-telescope implanted into your eye, taking the place of the natural lens. The New York Times writes:

Ruth A. Boocks, 86, of Alpharetta, Ga., who received an implant of the device in March 2003 during clinical trials, said her brain learned to adapt quickly. Mrs. Boocks uses her new visual abilities in various ways — for instance, to read e-mail and the messages that scroll across the bottom of the screen when she’s watching television. “My goal was to read to the bottom of the eye charts,” she said. “But I didn’t quite make it.” (She has gotten to the third line from the bottom.)

Unfortunately, if you already have 20/20 vision, no augments for you. I, being a robot, am fitted with state-of-the-art (of the future) hawkeye-like telescopic eyes with zooming ability. Still, those telescopic eyes are pretty impressive and will help a lot of people doing something as basic as reading.


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