Helicopters mounted with heat-ray pain-guns

The Active Denial System is what you get when a microwave oven factory mate with a weapons factory: a heatwave gun. The weapon is a product of the US military’s decision to set their phasers to stun and develop some non-lethal weapon technologies.

The ADS uses a large antenna to shoot a beam of microwaves that painfully heat the surface of the skin, forcing attackers to flee. So far, the ADS hasn’t been deployed yet because of safety and legal issues. A guy testing the weapon was hospitalised with second-degrees burn in 2007, so it’s not exactly a harmless weapon.

And now they want to put the microwave weapon on helicopters to rain pain and suffering from above. ADS classic was a big and clumsy thing, steered mechanically. The helicopter-mounted version will be compacter, have a “sophisticated automated target-tracking system” and be able to shoot multiple beams.

Only one question: where can I get one?

Via New Scientist.


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