Strolling through Electric Town with cyborg legs

Youv’e probably already heard of the Cyberdyne company’s cyborg suit with the unfortunate name Hybrid Assistative Limb, the robotic exoskeleton designed to aid injured and disabled people in getting around. But how does the high-tech suits do in real world settings: walking down the street, talking the bus, going us stairs and so on. Three Cyberdyne employees went for a walk through Electric Town with the leg-mechas strapped on. From Physorg:

Undeterred by the onlookers’ stares, the three completed their mechanically assisted trek by train, taxi and on foot from the suburb of Tsukuba, 50 kilometres (30 miles) north of central Tokyo, to the robo-meeting.

One of the three robotics company employees, 32-year-old Takatoshi Hisano, said the futuristic 11-kilogramme (24-pound) outfit — which can detect and preempt its user’s movements — made the two-hour commute that much easier.

“I’m not tired at all,” he said with a smile when they arrived at the building where the robotics industry meeting was about to start in a fourth-floor room. “Let’s take the stairs instead of the lift.”


The only concern now is safety. Some mad scientist might give the cyborg suits arms (and armament) and take over the world with it or something.


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