DNA origami may allow for smaller, faster, cheaper microships

Microships grow ever more powerful, it’s the law, after all, with more and more transistors fitted into smaller and smaller spaces. DNA origami could help make them smaller, but also less expensive and more efficient.

The DNA origami involves strands of DNA coaxed to fold into a precise shape used as scaffolding. Carbon nanotubes is then layered over the DNA scaffold to form teeny-tiny integrated circuits.

Right now, the tinier the chip, the more expensive the equipment. [IBM research manager Spike] Narayan said that if the DNA origami process scales to production-level, manufacturers could trade hundreds of millions of dollars in complex tools for less than a million dollars of polymers, DNA solutions, and heating implements. [Reuters]

This is all still 10 years in the future, which is when everything is, it seems, that they don’t know exactly when something is. The problem is that the technology is currently to imprecise to be practical for commercial use.

Via 80beats.


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