Even climate change can’t hurt cockroaches, are they invincible?

When resting cockroaches sometimes stop breathing for up to 40 minutes. They do this, researchers have now found, to conserve water. This trick allow them to live and thrive in dry places, proofing them against climate change.

“Cockroaches have an awesome array of adaptations to life on dry land,” says [George McGavin of the University of Oxford]. “Living in the humid conditions of a rainforest, where they evolved, might be plain sailing, but cockroaches are adaptable and can cope in a wide range of environmental conditions.”

Will the sun ever set on the empire of the cockroach? Not any time soon, says McGavin. “Two hundred and fifty million years of physiological fine tuning has produced a creature that will be around for a long time to come,” he says. “Cockroaches, I’m afraid to say, will do well in the face of climate change.” [New Scientist]

Still, I shall refrain from welcoming them as our new insect overlords. After all, there’s always Ampulex compressa to protect humanity.

Via io9.


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