In what other ways is this robot anatomically correct?

I can´’t believe I almost missed this one: the Eccerobot is a robot designed to be as close to a human being as possible, not in outwards appearances, but in anatomy.

It has plastic bones, kite-line tendons and elastic cord muscles put together so as to mimic real human anatomy as closely as possible.

The team building the robot also want to give the robot human-like intelligence, which is decidedly easier said than done. And they haven’t exactly perfected the anatomy aspect of the robot yet:

Mimicking human anatomy is no shortcut to success, though, as even simple human actions like raising an arm involve a complex series of movements from many of the robot’s bones, muscles and tendons.

However, the team is convinced that solving these problems will enable the construction of a machine that interacts with its environment in a more human manner.

“We want to develop these ideas into a new kind of ‘anthropomimetic robot’ which can deal with and respond to the world in ways closer to the ways that humans do,” says Owen Holland at the University of Sussex, UK, who is leading the project. [New Scientist]

Here’s a brief video of the robot explaining how it works:

The question remains, however, whether the robot have any Dystopian Undertones, ifyouknowwhatImean?


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