Bats caught in flight drinking water from pond

Bat drinkning and flying

This amazing shot were taken by experienced wildlife photographer Kim Taylor, and it wasn’t easy.

He said: “I think not one in a million people has ever seen this happen but it happens every night during the summer months all over the country”.

Kim, 76, rigged ropes across the pond which encouraged the bats to drink from a certain point. Then, using special sensors designed by himself, he managed to get the perfect shots.

“These photos were taken with a digital camera using a device that listens for the ultrasonic squeaks”.

An infrared beam was then set to trigger flash lamps whenever a bat dipped down to scoop up a mouthful of water. [Daily Mail]

Th bat in the photo above is probably a Brown Long-Eared Bat. They weigh abot half an ounce and are no bigger than your hand.

And Taylor managed to shoot it flying at 20mph at night beating its wings faster than the eye can see.

Via Pharyngula.


One Response to “Bats caught in flight drinking water from pond”

  1. Jen Horgan Says:

    Has anyone seen a bat drinking from a beach in broad daylight? At around 1pm yesterday (11th August) I saw a bat swooping down several times onto Little Haven beach in Pembrokeshire to drink from the freshwater on the sand near the top of the beach. Everyone watching was amazed!

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